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Talk at DroidSkilling - Google Event

April 5th, a very productive day in a sense. There was an event called DroidSkilling to feature Android Developer Skilling Program in India. There was a few Googlers coming from Silicon Valley to talk at the event and some community speakers as well. And Lucky I was invited to talk there as part of being a speaker from the community, The event was really interesting as it made me connect with these people at Google. And luckily as being a young developer, I also got the chance to exclusively talk to JP Souchak, Program Manager at Google who came all the way from Silicon Valley for the event. I also met Akash Shukla, Community Manager at Google, a very inspiring person and such a nice personality to talk to. It was a great pleasure talking to such great professionals. Thanks for having me at the event. It was overall a joyful experience.

Got featured in one of India's top News papers - Deccan Chronicle

Such a tremendous day, as I wake up and see that I'm featured in a news paper. So, yesterday or on 2nd April, a journalist from Deccan Chronicle - which stands out to be one of top news paper in the country - contacted me and took a small interview about myself and all the stuff I've built. And it was pretty amusing to see that they wrote an article about me the very next day. I was really happy as they had that article over their website and also on the news paper,  and there was a very good response from many people online. And now, it's like the third or fourth time I've been in a news media. It's a very joyful milestone for me at this age. Thanks to everyone who supported me through this journey and I'll always keep working on something new and helpful and will definitely invent some change. You can read the article from this link from Deccan Chronicle.

Featured on Madhyamam's Kudumbam Magazine!

Madhyamam which is one of the top news medias in my state issues a magazine every month called kudumbam. And a few days back, a journalist from Madhyamam had come to know about me and had taken a small interview regarding my details and my works. And in the April issue of this magazine, they published an article about me. It was so well written thanks to Faizal for this article. It was such an honour to be featured 2nd time in the media, for me it's a highly valued milestone. And thanks to everyone for the wide support throughout the journey.