Featured on Manorama Online

February 8th, 2017, A wonderful day and indeed a great turning point in my life. Today I was featured on Manorama Online, the top Malayalam news website and newspaper. In the last few days, a reporter from Manorama came to know about my creations and contacted me in order to obtain details to publish an article featuring me. I was really happy and excited when I saw myself on the news and got amused by seeing everyone’s response. People began to text me with congratulating messages, and I had a good amount of new friends online. The response was wonderful and also my download counts started to increase, as a result three of my apps has already crossed a hundred downloads, which is a big deal for me. The huge and tremendous response inspired and motivated me to innovate new apps and solutions. I’m very thankful to Manorama and the reporter for giving me such a wonderful exposure.

Link to the News 


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