My Talk at GDG Cochin DevDay

17th December 2016, really an exciting day of my life. Since i was introduced to the tech industry at a small age, i always wanted to speak about my startup or my softwares in front of a wide audience. And today it was possible, i was invited to a Monthly meetup organised by GDG Cochin or Google Developer Group Cochin, i was assigned to speak about my journey of being an Android Developer at a small age. The event was hosted at Infopark, Cochin which is a bit far away from my hometown Kottayam, the distance is approximately 64kms. I reached the location by 10:30, all prepared with ppt and filled with inspirations. I had the second session, and i was able to complete my talk without any major mistakes. And after that a lot of people came to me and congratulated me, wished me and they all were very motivating and they all welcomed me in a very nice manner. I was very happy with the overall experience. It was the first GDG meetup I've attended, and very glad to recieve such an oppurtunity.



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