How i learned Android Development

When i turned 13, i started doing Android. I turned to Android because the mobile platforms were rising and Android was Google's OS, so its reliable and will be developer-friendly. So i completely planned on doing Android Development. I got the SDK and Android Studio set up, but didn't knew where to start from and what all to learn first, i googled a lot and found that online video courses and tutorials can help me, As my family is not very wealthy i didn't planned on buying any online course, so i searched for the best free Android course i could get and finally if found Udacity. Udacity's courses which are powered by Google are really really helpful in making you an Android Developer. The videos they provided the quiz and challenges they gave was just perfect for me to begin developing Android Apps. In this way i was able to start Android Development. But i always keep learning inorder to improve my skills and grow my knowledge. As Android has becamed a large platform, its more easy to find solutions to various problems you may face.


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