Difficulties I faced in the run to become an Android Developer

During the time i started to get involved in the software industry, i faced a lot of problems. When i was at the age of 10, i was not able to learn all the technologies and programming languages i wanted because of a limited internet connectivity. In India internet connections were usually limited at that time and none of the internet providers provided internet at good speeds. During that time to get an unlimited internet connection we had to pay a lot of money, so  I used to learn programming languages through a limited internet connectivity, so i had to learn whatever i could until the data is exhausted.
             I also faced various problems in development too, as i was the only person in my house who was in to the software industry, i had to find solutions to my errors or problems on my own, and because of poor internet connectivity, it became more harder to find the correct solutions. But that didnt stopped me from becoming an Android Developer. I kept on learning when i got chances, and i kept learning.
         When i was 13, i finally was able to buy an unlimited internet connectivity, and that changed my situations and i started to get serious in app development and made some apps, after a while my parents agreed to buy me a Google Play Developer Account. But for making the transaction, i needed a credit card, i tried to purchase it with some debit cards but none of them worked. Then i went on to find a credit card i can use, and after a month of search i got a credit card from a store near me for whom i have developed an app for, they helped me and i successfully published my apps on the Playstore. There are lots more difficulties i've faced in my journey, each difficulty makes me stronger and motivates me to work harder.


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