At Tizen DevLabs

December 21, After attending the GDG meetup, I got an invitation to Samsung's Tizen DevLabs hosted at Holiday Inn, Kochi. I was really glad to get the invitation to the program. The program started and everyone was somewhat confused when they saw me attending the event and during the first break in the sessions, people came to me and started asking about me, my age, what I do and all, and was really happy. After some more sessions, many people came to me congratulated me, took selfies with me. And I was really amused seeing such a great response from them. And finally when they were about to wind up the whole event, the people who hosted the events who were from Samsung Research and Development Bangalore, talked a few words about me and introduced me as the youngest developer to attend that event, and I was really happy and completely got amused when those people came to me and took selfies with me, and they also took my number. And after the event, everyone was given away a Tizen smartphone which was Samsung Z3 for further app development in Tizen platform.


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