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At Tizen DevLabs

December 21, After attending the GDG meetup, I got an invitation to Samsung's Tizen DevLabs hosted at Holiday Inn, Kochi. I was really glad to get the invitation to the program. The program started and everyone was somewhat confused when they saw me attending the event and during the first break in the sessions, people came to me and started asking about me, my age, what I do and all, and was really happy. After some more sessions, many people came to me congratulated me, took selfies with me. And I was really amused seeing such a great response from them. And finally when they were about to wind up the whole event, the people who hosted the events who were from Samsung Research and Development Bangalore, talked a few words about me and introduced me as the youngest developer to attend that event, and I was really happy and completely got amused when those people came to me and took selfies with me, and they also took my number. And after the event, everyone was given away a Tize…

My Talk at GDG Cochin DevDay

17th December 2016, really an exciting day of my life. Since i was introduced to the tech industry at a small age, i always wanted to speak about my startup or my softwares in front of a wide audience. And today it was possible, i was invited to a Monthly meetup organised by GDG Cochin or Google Developer Group Cochin, i was assigned to speak about my journey of being an Android Developer at a small age. The event was hosted at Infopark, Cochin which is a bit far away from my hometown Kottayam, the distance is approximately 64kms. I reached the location by 10:30, all prepared with ppt and filled with inspirations. I had the second session, and i was able to complete my talk without any major mistakes. And after that a lot of people came to me and congratulated me, wished me and they all were very motivating and they all welcomed me in a very nice manner. I was very happy with the overall experience. It was the first GDG meetup I've attended, and very glad to recieve such an oppur…

How i learned Android Development

When i turned 13, i started doing Android. I turned to Android because the mobile platforms were rising and Android was Google's OS, so its reliable and will be developer-friendly. So i completely planned on doing Android Development. I got the SDK and Android Studio set up, but didn't knew where to start from and what all to learn first, i googled a lot and found that online video courses and tutorials can help me, As my family is not very wealthy i didn't planned on buying any online course, so i searched for the best free Android course i could get and finally if found Udacity. Udacity's courses which are powered by Google are really really helpful in making you an Android Developer. The videos they provided the quiz and challenges they gave was just perfect for me to begin developing Android Apps. In this way i was able to start Android Development. But i always keep learning inorder to improve my skills and grow my knowledge. As Android has becamed a large platfo…

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Difficulties I faced in the run to become an Android Developer

During the time i started to get involved in the software industry, i faced a lot of problems. When i was at the age of 10, i was not able to learn all the technologies and programming languages i wanted because of a limited internet connectivity. In India internet connections were usually limited at that time and none of the internet providers provided internet at good speeds. During that time to get an unlimited internet connection we had to pay a lot of money, so  I used to learn programming languages through a limited internet connectivity, so i had to learn whatever i could until the data is exhausted.
             I also faced various problems in development too, as i was the only person in my house who was in to the software industry, i had to find solutions to my errors or problems on my own, and because of poor internet connectivity, it became more harder to find the correct solutions. But that didnt stopped me from becoming an Android Developer. I kept on learning when i go…