How i became an Android Developer

There is a long story of me being a tech guy and later on being a software guy and then to Android. From a very small I was interested in gadgets and cool tech stuff around me. And when I was at the age of 8, My cousins made a website which got popular and they were earning from it, and I used to visit their site every day. At that time I didn't have a proper internet connection. I used to admire my cousins for their achievements through that website. Then during that age of 8, I started trying to make a website using blogger and advanced templates and all. After a big mess up I got a blog type website set up but still, i didn't know what it was supposed to be based on and how to get traffic to my website. Then by my age of 9, after leaving the blogger thing, I learned how websites worked but didn't know to make one myself. Then I spend the whole year with graphic designing in paint, and made a logo for my own company I launched at that age, I named it yonik and the purpose of that company was completely unknown, then I started making logos for that company and try to make powerpoint presentations simply on that company and so soon the year came to an end.

  Then, things started to take shape when I was at the age of 10. I consulted my cousin named Abin who had that website mentioned earlier, and he offered to teach me HTML and I was very excited and prepared books and all and started learning HTML and after Learning that I started doing very simple looking webpages. Then I slowly started learning CSS on my own. And gradually I went on improving my skills. A Big Thanks to Abin for teaching me. This was the beginning of me being a software guy (even though HTML and CSS could'nt be considered software languages)

    Then I spent almost 2 years learning new programming languages and in between animations. Through that journey, I learned many things like VMs, Macs, Windows, Basic Java, XML, a bit Objective-C, lot of technical stuff, Hardware, Visual Basics, etc. And by an age of 13, I started to learn Android Development and researched more upon mobile computing and technologies. Then I completed learning very basic things and started practising more.

    Then, I created my own startup named Zuo Developers. Then I created a simple Android app for my neighbouring online store and they appreciated my efforts and thanked me a lot, and I got very inspired from this and started developing more. Every time I created a new app, I used to show it to my parents and after my parents saw my efforts, they said if I am willing I could purchase a Google Play Developer Console. That was like the happiest moment in my startup Life. And a problem arised when I attempted to make the purchase I required a credit card, my father had a credit card but he doesn't have one now, and usually people in India have more Debit Cards than Credit Cards, so that was a problem. So, 1 month went by as searching for a credit card. Then finally my neighbouring store for whom i created an app for said they could help and i was finally able to purchase a Developer Console. And i have my apps published on Google PlayStore today. And i still Learning from my Mistaked, so check out my apps and let me know your reviews and thoughts on it, also let me know what i can improve.

Check out My Apps :

Thanks To My Parents, Abin and Aarju for the help in my Achievements.

Thats All. Thank You.


  1. I was very much confused what to do next in my career, but after going through this article I got a clear version of undergoing Android Course in Chennai. Thanks for sharing and explaining me in detail about the latest technology. Hope waiting for more posts like this.


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